The  aim of the course is to teach students the physical and physic-chemical processes in living organism on tissue, cellular, subcellular and molecular level to perceive, diagnose and interpret the physiological and pathological processes;

  1. Introduction to biophysics  (1 Lecture)

  2. Energy and Life (Thermodynamics) (2 Lectures)

  3. Lipids behavior, their vhisicalphysical properties (1 Lecture)

  4. Surface and interfacial tension, water (1 Lecture)

  5. Forces Affecting Conformation in Biological Molecules (1 Lecture)

  6. Biomolecules (1 Lecture)

  7. Protein Biophysics (1 Lecture)

  8. Membrane Biophysics I (4 Lectures)

  9. Membrane Biophysics II (2 Lectures)

  10. Biophysical Techniques and Applications (Presentation week)